Have a glass of milk is a standard suggestion of doctors and all mothers. Milk is a nutrient-packed beverage well-known for its high source of calcium content. Adding milk to our daily diet is extremely vital for supporting in the development and growth of the body. Unmistakably a tall glass of milk is the right way to start your day. Try combining milk with fruits to enjoy lip smacking milkshakes and smoothies topped with nuts and seeds to beat the heat.

Healthiest drink packed with calcium!

But have you ever really thought about what milk actually does for your body? Well, it’s time to know. Here’s few health benefits of milk which might make you drink more of this good stuff every day into gulping one down right away!


Include a glass of milk to your diet!

Amazing complexion:

Milk is packed with vitamins and nutrients that helps maintain supple, soft, and glowing skin tone.

Strong teeth:

Milk is well-known for its highest calcium content, that helps maintain strong teeth. In addition, milk also helps in preventing cavities and tooth decay.

Weight loss:

The conjugated linolenic acid found in milk helps burn fat rapidly.

Reduce stress:

Vitamins and minerals present in milk, works as a stress reliever by soothing your nerves and muscle tensions.

Development of Immunity System:

Milk when drunk with turmeric helps to build stronger immunity system to protect from cold, fever, and various other illness.

Cold and congestion:

Drinking a glass of milk helps soothe sore throat. Try adding a pinch of nutmeg to relieve congestion in kids.

Summer health drink:

Milk is an excellent source to drink when ingredients such as fennel seeds and cardamoms are mixed to create a nutritious, flavorful, and lip smacking summer-friendly health drink.

Radiant skin:

Milk is widely utilized in skin care processes to make face masks and packs to work as natural moisturizers. It can also be added to besan and masoor dal and worked into face packs to achieve a glowing radiance with lighter complexion.


Milk is considered to be a versatile ingredient utilized in most of Indian curries and desserts. Here’s 03 delicious recipes that you can prepare at home.

Here’s few easy recipes to try at home:

Kashmir Paneer: An authentic paneer curry made with milk and varieties of masalas is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Spicy and scrumptious curry to enjoy at home!

Paneer Payesh: A delicious, and lip smacking Bengali dessert made with rice, ghee, nuts, mashed paneer, and loads of milk.

A smooth, soft & scrumptious dessert!

Mawa Misri: A truly delightful recipe made with milk, sugar, and nuts.

Delicious and lip smacking dessert!

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