A lot of people think that fresh meat out of a grocery store display case is the freshest way to buy meat. We'd like you to think again. Whatever the meatchicken, lamb or mutton — we only provide the freshest meat through Islamabad Halal Butchers, our Fresh Meat partners. Shop online in London with Kugans Online Supermarket. In this blog, we’ll be discussing how you can safely store your food for longer periods of time.


Although it does play a small part in food preparation, our refrigerators play an important role in keeping ingredients fresh and safe. The cold temperatures prevent the growth of bacteria and other dangerous pathogens on the surface while also keeping your food items fresh.

To avoid these harmful pathogens growing on your food, make sure to measure the temperature of the refrigerator - keeping it at 41°F, 5°C or at a low temperature is ideal for this. Also, it is always important to ensure containers and packaging are air-tight and made of light materials that allow the cold to pass through and keep the items inside fresh and ready to use. Freezing meats when they’re as fresh as possible also helps preserve taste and nutrients.

 Sealed Meat - Fresh from the Deep Freeze

Whether you follow specific timings or prefer to keep your food frozen for longer periods of time, the freezer will always be your safest bet.

Some things to keep in mind are:

Raw ground meats, all poultry, seafood and other meats can be kept for up to two days.

Raw roasts, steaks, and chops can be kept up to five days.

Cooked meat, poultry, and seafood can be kept for up to four days.

Smart Meat Storage - Airtight Packaging and Sealed for Quality and Freshness!




Chicken: 1-2 days

Chicken: 3-4 days

Mutton: 2-3 days

Mutton: 3-4 days

Lamb: 3-5 days

Lamb: 3 days



Kugans is your go-to one-stop-smart-shop to for all Indian and South Asian groceries under one digital roof. Stay safe, stay indoors, we will deliver to your doorstep. Keep an eye on the Kugans Blog for more new, informative and exciting blogs.

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