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The Islamabad Halal Butchers are no stranger to the London meat industry and are a known name among butchers in the United Kingdom. They've followed the conventional traditionalism of halal butchery since inception in 1975 and specialize in chicken, lamb, mutton and frozen meats.

With professionalism and experience of nearly 50 years, Kugans Online Supermarket is pleased to announce our partnership with them in order to bring you your favourite halal meat and poultry.

Experts in Halal Meat - Islamabad Halal Butchers are on board with Kugans!


As your fresh meat providers, we can assure you that only the highest quality, premium meat and poultry will be available for you on advanced order.

Marinated chicken in vacuum-packed packaging - Add it to your Food today!

All you need to do is simply place your order with us by visiting our website, browsing through our selection of fresh meat that includes: fresh chicken, fresh lamb and fresh mutton, check out after a secured online payment and we will deliver the goods to your doorstep in sanitized, air-tight, vacuum-packed, temperature-controlled packaging.

Keep in mind that all meat provided is halal-certified, so make sure to shop our complete range of meat products today.

A delicious Fresh Chicken, Lamb & Mutton platter


Halal translates as Arabic for “permissible”. So Halal Meat is meat butchered or prepared in a permissible fashion by Islamic Law and Halal Food is that which adheres to Islamic law, as defined in the Quran.

The Islamic form of butchering animals or poultry - Dhabiha, involves killing in a merciful manner. The livestock or poultry must be alive and in good health at the time of slaughter and all blood is drained from the carcass as part of the procedure. During the process, a Muslim will recite a dedication, know as Tasmiya or Shahada - a prayer for the animal as a parting rite of respect and gratitude for blessing us with a meal.

By ensuring food products including fresh meat and poultry meets halal criteria, food retailers, vendors, supermarkets and restaurants are making their products suitable for the UK's Muslim population. Beneath HFA guidelines, all slaughterhouses in the United Kingdom must be completely halal compliant.

Halal Meat comes in all shapes and sizes to accommodate your taste and preferences! Get yours today.


Kugans is your go-to one-stop-smart-shop to for all Indian and South Asian groceries under one virtual roof. Stay safe, stay indoors and we will deliver to your doorstep. Keep an eye on the Kugans Blog for more new, informative and exciting blogs.


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