Spending time with loved ones, eating and praying

Diwali celebrate is hope, positivity and happiness. Cooking an Indian feast with a delicious variety lovely dessert & snacks, is what the festivities are all about. Share your snacks & sweets with your family and friends during the celebrations.






Crunchy quick snack choice


Prep time:  5 mins

Cook time:  3 mins

Serving: 10


1 cup Peanuts with skin

4 tbsp Gram Flour

4 tsp Rice Flour

1 tsp Corn Flour

3 tsp Red Chili Powder

½ tsp Chat Masala

½ tsp Garlic Powder

1 tbsp Lemon Juice

Curry Leaves

Cooking Oil



  1. To a mixing bowl combine gramflour, rice flour, corn flour, red chili powder, chat masala, garlic powder, and salt, mix it well until incorporate.
  2. Then add water little by little to form a sticky mixture.
  3. The batter should not be too try or too watery, just enough to coat the peanuts well.
  4. Now add lemon juice and mix it well.
  5. Now coat the peanuts well with masala.
  6. Heat a kadai with enough oil to deep fry, add the masala coated peanuts in hot oil in batches and deep fry until it becomes golden brown and crunchy.
  7. Fry till bubbles cease and place it on a kitchen towel to observe the excess oil.
  8. Finally add few curry leaves per batch in hot oil become crisp and then drain from oil over a paper towel.
  9. Allow these peanuts to cool down after 2 mins.
  10. finally, add it to the fried peanuts and enjoy


Popular & healthy dish found in India

Prep time:  30 mins

Cook time:  25 mins

Serving: 6-8


1 cup Whole Wheat Flour

½ cup Ghee

1 cup Powdered Sugar

½ cup Cashews

½ cup Almonds

3 Cardamom

¼ cup Coconut Powder


  1. Dry roast flour 6-7min, on low medium heat until lightly colored and get a nice aroma of roasted flour.
  2. Add melted ghee and roast for another 3-4 minutes on low heat.
  3. Roast it for 8-10 minutes until the ghee separates from the flour.
  4. Mix well and turn the stove off.
  5. Add the sugar powder, cardamom powder. and coconut powder when it is warm and mix well.
  6. Dry roast the nuts and grind it coarsely once it cools.
  7. Now add grinded nuts. Mix well.
  8. Make them into small ladoos and serve.



Simple and creamy dessert

Prep time:  15 mins

Cook time:  35 mins

Serving: 4


1 liter Milk

200 g Sugar

½ cup Pistachios

½ cup Almonds

½ tsp Saffron Strands

½ tsp Cardamom Powder  


  1. In a heavy bottomed pan bring milk to boil.
  2. Once it starts boiling, reduce flame to low and Keep stirring and keep cooking till it gets its half quantity. Do stir every five minutes and also scrap the sides and bottom of the pan to avoid scorching the milk.
  3. When the milk is half quantity, add sugar, cardamom powder and saffron.
  4. Keep on boiling at low flame until it becomes thick again.
  5. After that remove from flame and allow it to cool.
  6. Serve it in a small bowls at room temperature or chilled and garnish with almonds and pistachios.


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